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Trades I’m in this week

I discuss Kellogg, bitcoin, and gold. I talk about the reasoning for each of these trades.

My career is stuck, now what?

I answer a question from a trader who emailed me about being stuck in his career. I also get into my personal experience of how I found my way.

Thinking through being impulsive

I discuss why being impulsive is a good thing and a bad thing. The key is understanding when you’re vulnerable.

Reading, learning, growing…for what?

In this episode I reflect on my desire to constantly be learning and growing. Why am I doing these things? Sometimes it can become like a sickness and I can operate out of an energy that’s not productive. It’s important to really understand why you are doing this stuff in order to get the most out of it.

Trading using only a chart pattern

I discuss why it’s unlikely you will be successful over the long term just using a chart. Some people may pull this off but in my experience and from observing others who are successful this is rarely the case. I talk about why.

How can you learn from other traders?

I talk about the long journey of discovering what you are good at while also learning from others who are successful.

Stupid News: MO

I discuss MO and the recently Morgan Stanley news that drove it lower.

Your voice is the most important one

Today I talk about the huge amount of resources we have around us and how much that can shorten our learning curves but how much it can also plug up our brains and cause us to lose our own voice.

Habits and doing more of what works

I discuss the power of small habits and the beauty of focusing on what works vs what doesn’t.

Buying a breakout

I discuss when and how I do it.