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Our automated router can cut shapes as large as 51" x 100" to within tolerances of 0.001". This amazing capability allows us to quickly and accurately produce products that would have been too costly or difficult to do in the past. More >


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Here at Plastec we are dedicated to providing all of your plastic design and manufacturing needs. Whether it be plastic sheet vacuum forming, thermoforming, custom fabrication or CNC etching and routing we can help. As an experienced team we have years of training in the design and manufacturing of plastic products in all shapes and sizes.

Our vacuum former is capable of holding molds in size up to 45" x 68" x 20" deep. This impressive capability allows us to form a wide range of products from clear domes, trays and component covers to dashboards and panels for bus interiors and other heavy equipment. Our new "Euro" design for bulk food and coffee bins brings a new esthetic value to our line of functional bins.

Plastec also represents manufacturers of motorized shopping carts for the disabled, as well as hand held shopping baskets and convex acrylic security mirrors.

Plastec is more than willing to provide economic solutions for customers with modest quantity requirements.

For more information on our products and capabilities please click the "products" links on the left side of the page.

We ship anywhere in Canada, so we can get our product to you quickly and safely.